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FAQs - Cruise Port Transportation Services

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Providing transportation to Port Everglades , transportation to Port of Miami and Port of Palm Beach transportation services from and to the Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Miami airports.



We offer Private Car, Limousine, or Luxury Mini Bus transportation services from "your residence" and "All South Florida Airports" to the port of Palm Beach, Port Everglades and the Port of Miami.


The following are our CRUISE-FACTS regarding cruise port drop-off and pick-up of cruise passengers;


Airport to Cruise Port - When you arrive at the Cruise Port, your driver will drop you and your baggage off where the cruise lines baggage handlers instruct us to stop and park. If you have requested a return trip? The driver will provide you with specific instructions for your pick-up once you disembark the Cruise ship. He will supply you with a contact phone number where you can contact the driver when you return from your cruise. He will also supply you with our office dispatcher phone number so that you can contact our office, if you have any trouble contacting your driver (i.e. lost you’re phone).


Cruise Port to Airport- If you have a cell phone, once you have arrived back in port, please contact your driver (after 07:00am) to establish contact and to work out final arrangements. Mainly, we are looking to reconfirm the pickup time and work out any last minute changes to your schedule that might arise. (example, you will be getting off at 10am instead of 9am, etc).


Depending on the Cruise Port, your driver may require 1 to 10 minutes to arrive at the pickup location as there is no parking allowed at the cruise terminal. So please, call your driver and let him know when you are walking out of Customs. The drive will reconfirm the type and color of the vehicle and let you know that he will have his flashers on. When you see your drivers vehicle, wave to attract his attention.


If the driver cannot locate you and passes your location, do not worry, the driver, will call you on your cell phone. You and the driver can immediately work it out.


If you do not have a cell phone - the driver will meet you outside of the door that you walk out of with a sign with your name on it. Just walk out and look for a sign with your name on it.


Please Note: If we have to meet you at the terminal exit door, you will be responsible to pay the parking fee charged by the Port of Miami.


Cruise Port Access Fees


Port of Miami transportation (transportation FLL to Port of Miami) – On a one way drop-off trip, the access fee is $4.50. On a round trip drop-off and pick-up, the access fee is $15.00. The access fee has already been added to your fare. See the price list for details.


Port Everglades transportation – On a one way drop-off trip or round trip, the access fee is $15.00. The access fee has already been added to your fare. See the price list for details.


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